Fancy a slice of toast?
Back in the USA!


Waiting at PDX (Portland) for a connecting flight to Seattle. Japan, it was a blast.

This blog will now return to it’s regularly scheduled programming… which is nothing.

Super random times in Osaka! (staying at the osaka hana hostel!)

Get on it friends!

I’m posting on tumblr!

I’m so excited that I’m coming back to my blog…with a vengeance! I’m flying to japan in seven hours and my excitement level is off the bloody charts.

I can’t wait to experience the culture shock!

So a friend of mine has a ritual where they teach their partner a new fact every night.

That is just the best. Teaching! Cuteness! Ahhhhh.

I think next month I’ve finally got enough emergency cash to start investing! 

Pity that’s going to last for only a single month because then I gotta monies into planning more TRAVEL!

No one can prove I spent 20 minutes at work today making terrible bookmarks.

It feels so wrong that now that I can afford to go to fringe shows… I can’t.

Y’know what sucks? When you first buy a jumper and it’s SO SOFT and fluffy and then you wash it and that feeling is gone FOREVER.

what r u a nerd or smthn????// lmao smh.